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At Toitures Premium, we want to offer you an experience that exceeds your expectations. We specialize in installation of asphalt shingles, but also in insulation, aluminum cladding, gutters, masonry and ventilation.

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Shingle roofs

Asphalt shingle roofs are low maintenance and good value. Toitures Premium offers you a complete range of roof renovation services. RBQ graduate, our company has a caring workforce, mastering the most modern techniques and meeting the most stringent standards. Flowing roof? Find the peace of mind by contacting us.

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In addition to reducing your electricity bill due to heating and cooling, when the insulation of your roof is inadequate, the heat that escapes from inside your home will create condensation. This condensation can eventually create a problem of mold and rot. By insulating your attic, you save energy, improve your comfort and keep your home safe.


Aluminum has great intrinsic qualities. Very light, aluminum also offers good durability. Indeed, it has a lifespan of at least forty years and with a minimum of maintenance, this type of coating can last much more than forty years.


If you have leaks or seepage at the masonry level of the roof (chimney), we can make the necessary repairs to ensure watertightness.


Gutters are used to evacuate water from rain or slush so that it can not accumulate around the foundation. In doing so, they help reduce the risk of water infiltration and flooding that could affect your home.


Good ventilation prevents the roof from overheating in the summer and using it prematurely, but also avoids much more serious problems, such as mold, rotting and water infiltration into the building or structure of the House.

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